The battery decision.
There are two types of battery; traditional lead/acid, or lithium. The lead/acid battery is the heavy one. Lithium is  a much newer technology, and has several advantages. Although lithium is more expensive to buy in the first place, it’s cheaper in the long run because it can last about 3 or 4 times longer before it needs replacing. This is reflected in the warranty; lead/acid is guaranteed for one year, and lithium has a five year limited warranty (click here for more details on our warranty)

Another bonus with lithium is it’s much lighter; weighing about 2.1 kg, compared to 6.5 kg for lead/acid. When you add to this lithium takes about half as long to recharge, and overall is kinder to the planet to make and recycle, lithium is definitely the future for powered trolleys.

The lead/acid battery comes in a single 18 hole flavour; with lithium we have 18 and  36 hole options.

Speed control options:
Standard speed control. There’s a finger operated speed roller on the handle to adjust the speed, which combined with an on/off switch, makes it really easy keep the trolley matched to your walking pace.

Automatic speed control. With our unique system, the GoKart will automatically adjust the speed of the trolley to match your walking pace. To operate this, you just have to hold the handle and walk. As you push or pull on the handgrip, the trolley will detect your movement and operate the motor automatically. Once the trolley is moving at your speed, you can let go of the handle and the GoKart will continue running at the same speed, until you hold the handle again to stop or change speed.

The main frame of the GoKart is very dark grey (ask 100 people and 95 would probably call it black). There is then a choice of three highlight colours; green, red or lighter grey. The second colour applies mainly to all bits of the trolley you use battery handle, the speed roller, the frame lock etc.

All this makes our stock keeping a nightmare, but it’s worth it to give you the trolley you want. If you’d like any further advice, please don’t be shy. We like talking about our trolley.