If you already have a golf trolley battery, don’t throw it away – you may be able to use it with a GoKart.

If your battery is lead/acid, check the printing on the side to find the capacity in Amp/hours (Ah), you should also measure its size. It needs be rated between 15 and 22Ah , with a case size of 18 x 7.5 x 16.7 cms (LxWxH). The exact Ah isn’t important as long as it’s between this range, but the battery size has to be within a millimetre or two of the dimensions above. If your battery is smaller or larger than these sizes it won’t fit the GoKart.

If you have a lithium battery supplied by us, put your tape measure away; it will fit the new GoKart. If you have a lithium battery not supplied by us, but it is the size we describe above, it will also be suitable. Please note that you won’t be able to fold the trolley leaving this type of battery in place. You also won’t have the LED state of charge indicator.

For other lithium batteries of a different size, the answer isn’t so simple. It’s possible you can make it fit with a bit of fiddling about. Best to give us a call and we can advise.

So, if your battery is compatible, we can supply a fitting kit that allows it to lock into the GoKart’s frame and connect to the trolley’s electrical system. We can either supply it for you to fit, or we can do it for you, for no charge apart from any shipping costs.

If you choose to buy a GoKart with no battery and charger, this fitting kit is included with the trolley for no extra cost.