We get a bit over excited about technical stuff (sorry, we’re geeks) but when you see some of our specs you’ll surely find it hard to control yourself too…

The GoKart is made by us in our UK factory. We designed it too. Below is some technical detail that we thought you might be interested in. It tells you something about what’s inside it, what it’s made of and how it works. But if your questions are not answered here, please see our frequently asked questions section, or send us a message, or even do that retro thing, and pick up the phone (still the best way to get some action).

Trolley 9.8Kg, 18 hole lead/acid battery 6.5Kg, 18 hole lithium battery 2.1Kg,  36 hole lithium battery 2.8Kg

Folded size; 66 x 60 x 29 cms
Unfolded size; 99 x 60 cms (handle height x width across the drive wheels)

Lead/acid Battery:
Rechargeable 12V lead/acid. Sealed and non-spillable, valve regulated and maintenance free. 18 hole battery 20Ah. Exempt from hazardous goods regulations relating to transportation by any means, including by air.

Lithium battery:
Rechargeable 12V LiFePO4 lithium. 18 hole; 14Ah, 36 hole 22Ah. Integrated microprocessor controlled cell management and safety system.

Three stage timer charger. Input voltage AC100-240V/50/60Hz, Output voltage 14.5V in charge mode, 13.5V in standby mode, output current max 3A

Motor and motor controller:
12V permanent magnet DC motor, 230W output. Microprocessor driven engine management system, with integrated overload and safety cutout.

Speed control options:
GoKart Standard – hand operated on/off switch and potentiometer motor adjustment.
GoKart Automatic – active hand grip to automatically adjust motor speed to match walking pace.

Drive unit:
Drive is transmitted to both main wheels through a high efficiency gearbox, and drive clutches.

Various thermoplastic polymers with glass reinforcement in parts critical to strength.