Give your GoKart a proper test drive – use it for a month out on the course. Once you’ve bought a trolley we want you to put it through its paces and get it mucky, for a whole 28 days. If you turn round and say to us “Hmmm…I’m not sure this is for me”, we’ll refund you immediately and send the boys round (the courier type), to collect it. Nice couriers at that. There may be a £25 deduction from the refund going towards our shipping costs.

Now it doesn’t often happen that they get returned, but when it does it’s all good-humoured and we stay friends. But we’re confident that once you get your hands on your new GoKart you’ll be a bit smitten.  If you’ve used an electric golf trolley before you’ll appreciate the GoKart’s neat folded size, the power of the motor, how easy it is to get ready and the clever design.  It’s just very well thought out.  And if you haven’t used an electric golf trolley before you’ll still notice all these things but with the added bonus of feeling a spring in your step coming down the 18th.

There’s no wrinkles, no risk and no small print to let us wriggle out of it.  If you like it, you keep it. If you don’t, no problem.