The new GoKart is here. We’ve taken the trail blazing GoKart original and made it better.

The GoKart has always been a bit different. From the very start we wanted to make electric trolleys in a new way. The latest computer design tools transformed our scribbles into an electric golf trolley that not only looked good but, using modern materials, was also tough and durable.

Our new model carries on that tradition but has evolved. We’ve made some great improvements over the original. The first thing you’ll notice is the smart new styling. The GoKart has never looked like any other electric trolley. That’s not changed.

Our unique synchronised folding frame is retained but we’ve added an auto lock, so when you’re getting ready the trolley just clicks into place without any faff. We’ve developed a new lithium battery. It slots in and connects up without separate plug fiddling.

If you want you can fold the GoKart with the new style lithium battery in place. You can also charge the battery when it’s still in the trolley. Handy if you leave your gear in the trolley shed at the club. The battery even has its own built in charge indicator. It’s all so easy.

The weight distribution has been re-jigged, making a big improvement in stability on hills and uneven ground. As part of that change, we’ve repositioned the golf bag which makes it easier to find and replace your clubs.

The motor and transmission are new. They’re just as powerful, but we’re sure you’ll find the GoKart is one of the quietest and smoothest running trolleys out there. We’ve used new materials for the tyres, giving a silent, compliant ride and adding to the peace and quiet.

There are many other changes under the skin of the new GoKart. All designed to make the trolley even more durable and reliable. One thing hasn’t changed though; GoKart is a trusted brand, and we’re still the same enthusiastic and dedicated team, committed to giving you the best electric trolley. If you buy a GoKart you get us looking after you for years to come.