We’re committed to giving you the best possible service. You may have bought your GoKart for Christmas (or Hogmanay, Easter, or whatever)…we think it’s for life

We designed the GoKart, and we make it too. You can buy it direct from us, or from one of our exclusive band of stockists. When you do buy one, guess what? Yep, we look after it as well. It’s not that we’re total control freaks (well maybe just a little, but in a good way)…

All service work is treated as urgent and given immediate attention. We can collect and deliver anywhere in the country at a moment’s notice. If you have technical trouble our first priority is to get you mobile again. Fast. Call our team of technical experts who all, even if they’re female, have deep and reassuring voices. We’re pretty nifty at getting to the bottom of problems. With a few probing but entirely respectable questions we’ll know what needs to be done.

We offer a unique service to all our owners, whether in warranty or not; if required we can lend you a GoKart free of charge apart from £10 towards the delivery cost, while yours is repaired. Please let us know if this is required when you speak to us. This is delivered when we collect your sick trolley and bring it back to base for whatever surgery is required. This way your golfing calendar suffers the minimum disruption.

If the problem is with your battery or charger, we’ll have a replacement with you before you can say your Dad’s brother’s name is Robert.

If anything is causing you concern about your GoKart just phone us. We’re unfashionably easy to talk to, and promise not to snigger if you ask a daft question. You might get a mention in our daft question book though.

If you already have a GoKart and you’d like to get it serviced, please click here.