The GoKart with standard speed control. It has a simple roller on the handle to adjust the speed, which combined with an on/off switch, makes it really easy keep the trolley matched to your walking pace.

Please choose your colour and one of the battery options or, if you already have a compatible battery and charger, choose no battery at all (click here for more details about using your own battery and charger).

The standard lead/acid battery weighs 6.5kg. It has plenty of power for 18 holes round even the longest course. It comes with a 12 month warranty. Unlike the lithium battery, the lead/acid battery option does not include a state of charge indicator, nor can you fold the GoKart leaving the lead/acid battery in place.

We recommend the lithium battery as the best option. It comes in two flavours; 18 or 36 hole. The advantage of lithium is it’s much lighter (2.1kg) and has a much longer life than a lead/acid equivalent. It comes with a five year limited warranty (click here for details).

The prices shown include free delivery of the trolley, battery and charger to most mainland UK addresses.