The Automatic version of the GoKart includes our unique, patented control system. There are no buttons, rollers or knobs to manually adjust the speed. You simply hold the handle and walk. As you push or pull on the hand grip, the trolley will automatically adjust the motor speed to match your pace. You can let go of the handle while you’re walking and the GoKart will continue running at the same speed. It’s really neat, and really easy to use.

Please choose your colour and one of the battery options or, if you already have a compatible battery and charger, choose no battery at all (click here for more details about using your own battery and charger).

The standard lead/acid battery weighs 6.5kg. It has plenty of power for 18 holes round even the longest course. It comes with a 12 month warranty. Unlike the lithium battery, the lead/acid battery option does not include a state of charge indicator, nor can you fold the GoKart leaving the lead/acid battery in place.

We recommend the lithium battery as the best option. It comes in two flavours; 18 or 36 hole. The advantage of lithium is it’s much lighter (18 hole=2.1kg) and has a much longer life than a lead/acid equivalent. It comes with a five year limited warranty (click here for details).

Please note, the prices shown include free delivery of the trolley, battery and charger to most mainland UK addresses.