Designed to charge all types of GoKart Lithium battery, using a 12v outlet in your car. Charge time is similar to a mains powered charger. It will take a few hours connected to your car, with the engine running to fully recharge the battery. The exact recharge time depends on how much power you take out on the golf course. This varies depending on the length of your course, how much ballast is in your golf bag, how straight you hit it…etc etc.

Lithium batteries don’t need to be charged all in one go. It’s OK to charge them intermittently. It doesn’t matter that it might take several car journeys to fully recharge the battery.

Please note;
1. You can’t use it to charge other makes of battery or any lead/acid batteries.
2. It will usually only be charging when the car engine is running. Some cars keep the 12V socket powered for a short while after turning off the engine, but not for long.
3. Some cars keep the 12V socket powered with the engine off, but the car ignition on. In which case bear in mind power is being transferred from your car’s battery to the GoKart battery. Unless it’s in good condition, this might prevent the car battery from starting the car.
4. If you charge the battery while it’s still in the trolley, make sure the trolley doesn’t get accidentally turned on; you might end up with your golf trolley up front, riding shotgun.