The GoKart lithium battery is the ultimate power source for your GoKart electric golf trolley. We’ve designed it to give optimum performance and durability. Our lithium battery uses proven LiFePO4 technology, which is guaranteed to be safe and long lasting. Every GoKart lithium battery is supplied with a specially designed charger which makes it really simple to look after the battery.

There’s two main advantages with lithium batteries;
1. They have a greater power density, which means the battery can be made much lighter. Our 36 hole lithium battery weighs 2.3 kgs, compared to 8.0 kgs for a lead/acid equivalent.
2. Lithium batteries have a longer life and don’t need to be replaced so often. This allows us to confidently give a five year limited warranty for our lithium battery. (Click here for details of the limited warranty).

Our 36 hole battery is designed to allow you to play 36 holes on the same day. Please note it should still be recharged at the end of the day, even if it’s only used for 18 holes.