So what do we all think of the GoKart website…?

Huge apologies to anyone who wasted any of their evening trying to look at our website yesterday.

To quote the GoKart Global Vice-president of International IT Affairs (the website bloke); “I’m sorry. So sorry. So so so sorry. I’m really really really sorry…”

Well that wasn’t good enough. We’ve taken him out the back now and given him a severe Chinese burn. On both wrists, and de-bagged him for good measure (strangely satisfying that by the way). Anyway, he’s certainly sorry now.

So what happened? We sent a message to all customers yesterday, announcing our new model. We grossly underestimated the level of instant curiosity that provoked. The site should have been given more bandwidth to cope with the unusual spike in visitors. The result? Chaos. Sorry.

It should be fine now, maybe a little sluggish at certain times during the day, but OK.

Did we say we’re sorry…?

One response to “So what do we all think of the GoKart website…?

  1. Just spoke to a really nice assistant
    Excellent service
    Thanks again
    Cheers Lee Woodworth

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