Servicing the mk1 GoKart

We’ve had to give the cost of a full service for the mk1 GoKart a stiff increase.

We are still committed to maintaining stocks of mk1 components. But since its been out of production for over five years, the cost of the components, bought in much smaller quantities, has increased dramatically.

We’ve been absorbing these increases for some time, but we have to pass them on now. The increase is £30; was £99 now £129 (plus shipping costs if we arrange collection and return with our courier).

What we do in the service hasn’t changed. We completely dismantle the whole trolley, cleaning and inspecting every part, and rebuild it using all new bearings, connections along with any other components showing signs of wear and tear. Finally it’s returned to you with a new 12 month warranty on the whole trolley.

The price of a service for the mk2 GoKart remains the same at £99.

7 responses to “Servicing the mk1 GoKart

  1. Hi Peter, I’m afraid we don’t have loan trolleys anymore. It wasn’t practical to keep this going with increasing costs. Sorry

  2. Peter, we’re down in Kent, so we do charge for delivery to Yorkshire. For a service the total cost for shipping, collection and return is £29. Or £39 if we have to send you an empty box first.

  3. Even at the higher price the reconditioned Mark 1 GoKart is still great value. I hope it will give another 10 years service. Thanks GoKart

  4. Hi, I have seen in the past that you did an upgrade kit for the manual MK1 speed control to automatic, when done with a service. Is this option still available?

  5. Hi Gavin, we can still convert to auto at the time of the service. The cost is £40 over the price of the service.

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