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Delivery of new GoKarts with lithium batteries is delayed until late July, early August.
A combination of higher sales than forecast, and a manufacturing delay with our battery maker means we’re out of stock of lithium batteries for 3/4 weeks.

You can still place orders via our website, but please remember payment will be taken at the time of order. Alternatively you can order by phone or email without having to make advance payment. Contact details 01227 712288 or email via our contact form here. Whichever way you order won’t affect the delivery date.

If all this causes you a major problem, we do have a limited number of loan batteries. If you’d like to take us up on this, please order your new GoKart, put ‘can I have a loan battery’ in the order notes, and we’ll send your new GoKart with a battery. Once our new battery stock arrives, we’ll swap over the loan battery.

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