Battery care

We can’t play golf at the moment, so we need something else to keep us occupied. And worrying about our neglected golf trolley battery is a popular problem (can a problem be popular?).

So, the rules are;
1. With all types of battery, charge it as soon as possible after use.
2. For heavy old lead/acid batteries, make sure you leave it charging for at least 12 hours.
3. For lead/acid batteries, once charged you can either leave it there, with the mains connected. Or take it off the charger and store it somewhere away from a source of heat. So don’t leave in direct sunlight, on top of the boiler or hold it when listening to the Trumpster speak. By the way, just in case you heard different (there are some strange things said on Twitface), you should not put it in the freezer either.
4. If you have a lithium battery, take it off the charger once it’s full, and store it following the same instructions as for lead/acid batteries.
5. Batteries very slowly discharge themselves when not in use. So for all battery types stored off the charger, if there’s no golf for longer than three months (sob), you should put the battery back on charge overnight to top it up.
6. It really doesn’t matter whether you store a lead/acid battery on or off the charger (as long as you store it in the right place and top it up every three months).

That’s it. So what else are you worried about..?

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