Golf Carts

Golf Carts have traditionally been the cumbersome accessory for Caddy’s and Golf enthusiasts but sometimes the pushing and pulling of a golf cart can affect the pleasure of playing and often lead to a number of ailments including lower back problems, neck and shoulder strains. Additionally a golf cart can also be difficult to manoeuvre around uneven ground and lead to real frustrations ruining an otherwise enjoyable sport.

There is great news for golf enthusiasts and professionals, GoKart has revolutionised golf carts, by embracing computer aided design and pushing the boundaries for the requirement of strength, robustness, lightweight use and manoeuvrability. This innovative new battery driven golf cart has been developed and designed using the latest computer aided design and manufactured from reinforced thermoplastic polymers (advanced plastic).

The New Electric Golf Carts

The robustness of the GoKart electric golf cart sets new boundaries – in addition to its build quality, the GoKart folds away with total ease to almost nothing, meaning the GoKart will fit easy way into the boot of your car, then into a convenient sto-away in your house or shed. The GoKart also come equipped with some wonderful extras such as ‘handles for easy lifting’, scorecard, ball and tee holders, left and right handed operation and quick release wheels.

Setting the GoKart golf carts apart from rest is the neat and affective slot-in battery system, computerised motor management and patented new drive, saving fiddly connection problems in the middle of an inspiring par three. So whether you play golf for a past-time or you are a professional, the GoKart will make the game more enjoyable than it already is!