Get a full service and new one year warranty

If your GoKart needs a birthday, you can have us collect it and give it a full service and recondition. It will be returned mechanically as good as new, and covered with a new one year warranty.

All you need to do is give us a weekday and a UK address, and we’ll get your trolley collected and brought back to the factory. We’ll completely strip the trolley down, inspect/update/replace as necessary, give it a thorough cleaning, and return it to you, on most occasions, one week from when it was collected.

The cost of this service is shown when you select a shipping option.

1. If you have a loss of power problem send us the battery and charger too.
2. Please remove any accessories fitted to the trolley.
3. Put a label on the trolley with your name and address.
4. Fold the trolley up, but leave the wheels on.
5. You’ll need to pack your trolley for us to collect it. Please use one of the following options:
a) If you still have the original box, please put it in this.
b) Use another suitably sized carton.
c) If you are in mainland UK, we can send you an empty box with the courier when we collect your trolley
6. When our courier collects the trolley, he’ll have all the labels to stick on the outside that will ensure it comes safely back to us.

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