Delivery – Latest News

Delivery of new GoKarts with lithium batteries is delayed until late July, early August. A combination of higher sales than forecast, and a manufacturing delay with our battery maker means we’re out of stock of lithium batteries for 6/7 weeks. You can still place orders via our website, but please remember payment will be taken… read more →


Our box maker has a problem keeping up with us at the moment. If you need your Mk2 GoKart serviced we are unable to send you a box until early July. Boxes for Mk1 GoKarts are not affected; we have plenty. In the meantime, if you do need a box for your Mk2, we suggest… read more →

So What Has LIV Golf done for them?

Thought for the Day If love is the answer, could you please rephrase the question? So What Has LIV Golf done for them? Now that LIV Golf has, sadly, been part of our golfing landscape for over two years, it is perhaps time to look at the fortunes of those golfers who jumped ship for… read more →

Up to £30 off accessories

When you order your new GoKart, we will give you up to £30 off GoKart accessories ordered at the same time as the trolley. No need to do anything; the discount will be automatically applied in the check out. Go to the shop

Delay in service department

Servicing is taking longer at the moment. Normally the turnaround is one week; we collect it one weekday and deliver it back the same day the following week. At the moment we’re taking up to three weeks. Apologies for this delay. We are fighting to catch up, and we’ll get back to normal as soon… read more →

Folding down the GoKart

To make it easy to fold down the GoKart, put your hand under the top section of the trolley and support the weight of the frame, at the same time as lifting the locking bar in the centre of the trolley.