Christmas and New Year

GoKart is now closed for the Christmas holiday. We’ll be back again from 9am on the 2nd January 2019. To all our customers, thank you for being a GoKarteer! We wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and an exceptionally Happy New Year. The GoKart Team

Trade up to the new GoKart (***PROMOTION ENDED 24/03/2019***)

(***PROMOTION ENDED 24/03/2019***) If you have a mk1 GoKart, and you’d like to change to the new model, we’ll give you £75 for it. It doesn’t matter what condition your trolley is in, we’ll collect the old one and give you £75 off the new model. Your trolley only needs to be complete; sorry you… read more →

Update on the new GoKart

Announced the end of May, our new baby was scheduled to make its appearance mid June. A few last minute complications have delayed us. Nothing serious; just little Precious indulging in a bit of attention seeking to be honest. We seem to be there now. Full details of all the changes are due to be published on… read more →

Update on GoKart 2017 model sale

Demand for the 2017 model GoKart has caught us out somewhat. We’re currently having to give a 14 day delivery time for orders for the trolley with the lead/acid battery. Lead time for the lithium GoKart are even longer; currently 5 weeks (due to shortage of lithium batteries). Apologies if this is a problem for any… read more →

So what do we all think of the GoKart website…?

Huge apologies to anyone who wasted any of their evening trying to look at our website yesterday. To quote the GoKart Global Vice-president of International IT Affairs (the website bloke); “I’m sorry. So sorry. So so so sorry. I’m really really really sorry…” Well that wasn’t good enough. We’ve taken him out the back now… read more →