Don’t know about your course, but our local, Canterbury, have said no to karts until further notice. Which makes this one from Mr Waterhouse rather topical (as opposed to tropical, which is only in our dreams).

So what’s happening Mr.Vousden? Tell us all…

Thought for the Day Timing has a lot to do with the outcome of a rain dance It’s not how, but how many In those dim and distant, far off days when we used to be able to play golf, my home course was reduced to 12 holes because of the amount of standing water… read more →

Look what you missed out on…

Now we don’t want to make you feel bad, but if you didn’t have a go at our Christmas puzzle then you might just kick yourself when you read what people had to say about it.  But all is not lost, even if there isn’t a prize at the end of the rainbow you can… read more →

GoKart caption competition result

Well, Ho Ho Ho; there were some rather witty entries to the ‘Jane Colby Caption Competition’. Geoff Waterhouse’s cartoon drew plenty of excellent captions, but to win a dozen of the mystical GoKart Titleists, the winner had to be good, so we enlisted the artist himself as the judge. Shortlisted in no particular order were… read more →

Coming soon – Yoga for Golfers

Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! (that’s yogik you know) We’re hellbent on making you bendy, fit and MUCH BETTER GOLFERS. Yoga for Golf – a series of 10 free online lessons presented by our own GoKartYogaGuru Carol Jackson, who is quite obviously bendy, very fit and a keen golfer herself.