Feeling the difference yet?

Here’s Lesson 7 in our online Yoga for Golf course.  By now you should be noticing a few less creaks and groans at the top of the backswing! This week we’re working your core muscles a bit more and focusing on your lower back too.  What’s great is that the exercises won’t just make you… read more →

Core strength work that will add yards.

This week’s Yoga for Golf lesson concentrates on core and upper body strength.  We’ve two exercises that are so simple, yet really effective.  They just take a few minutes – build them into your daily routine and you’ll soon find your strength and endurance increasing. And as usual, don’t forget to limber up with the… read more →

Time for some new Yoga moves! Lesson five is live…

Today we’re going to get you fighting fit – with two Warrior poses.  Simple, strong moves that improve strength, balance and focus.  By all means try them on the tee but you might get some funny looks (it’ll scare the hell out of your opponent though…) And as usual, don’t forget to limber up with… read more →

Get that Stretch going! Lesson three is live now…

Here’s the third of our Yoga for golf lessons.  In a few minutes you can stretch, unknot those muscles and limber up in preparation for that new season looming.  This lesson concentrates on a couple of stretches to help rotation and spine flexibility – and they feel so good to do!  Remember to run through… read more →