GoKart Psychology Test

Take a look at this picture and say what you notice first; 1) That’s a fine looking golf trolley (GoKart owner) 2) I can hole that putt (optimist) 3) Going to need that  brolly (pessimist) 4) Lovely scenery (work for the Scottish tourist board) 5) Sod the rain, I wish I was there (real golfer).… read more →

Golf? It’s mental!

Well if you’re stranded away from the course because of snow/grannies then we have the answer for you. Stephen Smith, our resident Golf Shrink, can sort you out.  Now look into my eyes… Armchair Golf Its deep mid winter and the scene outside is just as King Wenceslas would have seen – the snow is… read more →

On the couch – tips to save your score.

The first in a series of articles by our GoKart Shrink, Stephen Smith. This time it’s how to keep a score going all the way through the round. Sit back, read, then watch your numbers tumble… “Golf is only played one shot at a time but it took me many years to realise that” Bobby… read more →

It’s (not) all in the mind

Introducing our very own GoKart Golf Shrink (posh name = Chartered Sports Psychologist) Stephen Smith. Stephen’s company, Sports Psychology Ltd, is doing some research into how equipment, namely electric golf trolleys, can affect the standard of your play. Everyone who owns a GoKart knows about the ‘GoKart effect’ but it’s time to take the message out… read more →