Form might be Temporary but is class really permanent?

Thought for the Day The day you are properly able to laugh at yourself is the day you grow up Form might be Temporary but is class really permanent? Perhaps because of my own recent form, I have been musing on golf slumps – those awful periods of ineptitude in which, according to cliché, I… read more →

Vousden on the Babe

Thought for the Day Compromise is the art of dividing a cake in such a way that everybody believes he got the biggest piece What a Babe Lexi Thompson narrowly missed the cut at the Shriner’s Children’s Open last week. It served to remind me of the only woman golfer who has made it to… read more →

Ludvig Aberg. A good start

Thought for the Day A committee is a group that keeps minutes and loses hours Too much too soon? My first reaction, on hearing that Luke Donald had named Ludvig Aberg as one of his Ryder Cup wild-card picks was that this was too great a burden to place on the shoulders of a 23-year-old… read more →

Pro Golf. Too Slow

Thought for the Day Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes The One Certainty of Pro Golf I was going to write about the AIG Women’s Open, and how impressive the golfers were. Fifteen or twenty years ago I argued that if you wanted to improve your own game by watching the… read more →

Vousden on the Open

Thought for the Day You are absolutely unique – just like everyone else Thoughts on The Open Well, it wasn’t a classic Open by any means but then, processions rarely are and once Brian Harman established control he never looked like faltering. The most disappointing element of the final round is that no-one seemed able,… read more →

Saudi Rules; Vousden’s view

Thought for the Day Funny things that happen to other people can be tragedies when they happen to you Saudi Rules Ever since the shock announcement a few weeks ago that LIV Golf had negotiated a truce with the PGA and DP World Tours, things have gone ominously quiet. Virtually no details of this new… read more →