Folding down the GoKart

To make it easy to fold down the GoKart, put your hand under the top section of the trolley and support the weight of the frame, at the same time as lifting the locking bar in the centre of the trolley.  

Good news for golf teachers. Not so much the golf mags…

Thought for the Day Sometimes you need to distance yourself to see things clearly These hard winter months are always a tough time for us golfers. Many, of course, put the clubs away some time in October and don’t fetch them back from the garage or attic until March or April. The rest of us… read more →

Mickelson’s bunker trick shot

We assume the ball won’t sometimes fly up into your eye. We can trust Phil. Can’t we? [youtube=]

A question.

A sleeve of our very best GoKart hole-in-one Titleists to anyone who can explain this drawing in under 30 words. And it’s not a Mexican peeing in a bucket. This is;    

Par 3 or not to 3!

The latest in our instructional blogs from Steve Mitchell PGA, head Professional at Etchinghill Golf Club, Kent. “Golfers spend a lot of time on a driving range perfecting their tee shots. Good. This is then taken to the golf course and, if executed correctly, should leave the golfer with an approach shot to the green.  Does… read more →

Brian’s online lesson; how’s he getting on then?

Well it’s a week since Brian got his swing looked over by Steve Mitchell PGA, our instructional guru, and despite the snow he’s been out there honing the changes. Here’s how he’s getting on; Session 1;  “The first few shots felt quite strange, with me trying to get my weight shifted more to the left on… read more →