Servicing the mk1 GoKart

We’ve had to give the cost of a full service for the mk1 GoKart a stiff increase. We are still committed to maintaining stocks of mk1 components. But since its been out of production for over five years, the cost of the components, bought in much smaller quantities, has increased dramatically. We’ve been absorbing these… read more →

GoKart 36 hole battery

We are currently out of stock of our 36 hole lithium battery. We are expecting them to arrive towards the end of June. The 18 hole battery suits most people; it has more than enough power in reserve for even the longest course. Recharge time is around two hours, so it’ll always be ready when… read more →

Up to £30 off accessories

When you order your new GoKart, we will give you up to £30 off GoKart accessories ordered at the same time as the trolley. No need to do anything; the discount will be automatically applied in the check out. Go to the shop

The GoKart January Sale

UPDATE 1/2/2023; It’s official; January has ended. So has our January Sale, but to sweeten the pill we’re giving up to £30 off accessories that are ordered with a GoKart. More info here Now’s the time to get yourself a GoKart electric trolley… For the whole of January, while stock lasts, there’s £50 off the… read more →

Christmas deliveries

Don’t panic, but DPD, our delivery company, have told us the last day we can despatch so they can guarantee delivery before Christmas, is the 16th of December. So please get your orders in by this Friday morning to give us time to pack and despatch. We’ll still be able to despatch up until the… read more →