Let Quizmas begin. Soon anyway.

Christmas can be a tricky time for golfers. There’s no golf on the telly (boo!) You’re not allowed to play on Christmas morning (double-boo!) and when you start looking out of the window longingly, pining for the fairways someone hands you a tea towel to do the drying up. All a bit naff really isn’t… read more →

Grand GoKart Christmas Puzzle winners announced

Cue drum roll and dimmed lights (well if you completed the Christmas puzzle you’ve probably got the lights dimmed anyway in your recovery period…) So we have an overall winner who was drawn from all the completed correct entries, and it’s Malcolm L. from Runcorn. Well done Malcolm (and Mrs. Malcolm, who played no small… read more →

Now that the GoKart Christmas Quiz is over –

“Now I can get t a good night’s sleep.” “Cue punching of air and shouts of yesssssss! – you’d have thought I’d won a Major.” “I enjoyed (I think) your quiz and missed less of Christmas than last year. Must get faster!” “Thankyou for a brilliant quiz. My brain hurts.” “Phew. Can I wake up… read more →

Hints hints and more hints. We unlock the puzzle…

A lot of people have been tearing their hair out over this year’s Christmas Puzzle. Well we’re in a jolly good Santa and mulled wine induced good mood here at GKHQ so we’re going to give you some extra hints.You’ll find them as comments after each day’s blog entry – this way, if you don’t… read more →

A prize for getting it wrong?

As a bit of an aside to the GoKart Christmas puzzle we’re offering a mystery prize for the wrongest answer. So if your mental ramblings are becoming scrambled then just send us your answer anyhow.  We won’t snigger…honest. Just email us at; oops@gokart.co.uk Here’s a link to the puzzle too PS. The prize isn’t socks.… read more →