It’s (not) all in the mind

Introducing our very own GoKart Golf Shrink (posh name = Chartered Sports Psychologist) Stephen Smith. Stephen’s company, Sports Psychology Ltd, is doing some research into how equipment, namely electric golf trolleys, can affect the standard of your play. Everyone who owns a GoKart knows about the ‘GoKart effect’ but it’s time to take the message out into the world! We’ll keep you fully up to speed with what the research is uncovering, it promises to be pretty interesting.

Stephen’s rather impressive pedigree encompasses an education at St. Andrews University (of course!), work with Formula One, Premier League football, Olympic athletes, national rugby players, international golf teams and one very well known Major winner (we would say who but it’s very, very secret and if we do he might hypnotise us or something). He was also the resident Psychologist on Setanta TV’s ‘Out of Bounds’ show (see clip below), featured in a BBC2 series ‘Mind of a Millionaire’ and is a regular contributor on radio, in newspapers and golf mags.

We won’t list all the letters after his name (there are many) but we will say that considering he’s such a boff he’s very normal and loves his golf.

So we’re going to install a couch here at GKHQ, so that we can ‘talk through’ our tales of woe after the weekend’s sufferings (ooops, we mean Triumphs…must think positively!) And Stephen is going to be making contributions on our blog in the way of tips and videos to get us all playing our best.

The psychology of the game is, in all seriousness, an area where everyone can give themselves an edge. And without forking out for new equipment or spending hours practising. You’ll just love what he has in store for you!


One response to “It’s (not) all in the mind

  1. I’d be very interested to read Stephen Shrink’s report. After only a few rounds of golf with my new GoKart, having always carried prior to this, I can categorically state that the GoKart hasn’t improved my gave one iota.
    Maybe it’s because I have accepted the challenge to jog beside my GoKart, rather than walking at a sensible pace that I’m absolutely knackered after a round. It’s just like when I carried!
    One thing I do now is actively search out players who will be using a buggy, so I can not only compete with them at golf, but also beat them to their ball.
    At 48 years you’d think I would have grown out of such antics, but I have a reputation to uphold as Rodway Hill’s running golfer.

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