Get fit and bendy for the 2013 season

We have the perfect way to get you in shape and ready to hit form early in the season. Our weekly ‘Yoga for Golf’ course is simple, quick to do and gets results really fast. And considering it’s so good for you it’s not a pain in the bum or anywhere else…

If you’re very organised you can put all the weeks together and have yourself an hour long yoga-fest once a week (or you can buy the DVD on Amazon here – does make life easier). But however you choose to organise it – just do it (sorry Nike). We PROMISE you will feel the benefits. We’re going to start with Lesson One today. And maybe a few out takes if you’re good.

Todays lesson covers the warm up, with follow up lessons dealing with flexibility and balance too. It really is the perfect preparation.

Meet Carol Jackson, our yoga teacher, who considering we were filming in a freezing cold barn and she had a hot water bottle down the back of her trousers much of the time, stayed quite amazingly cheerful. So, without any more ado, on with the downward dog…(?) (yoga move).


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