The new gokart is coming


Say hello to the new GoKart. Available to buy from mid June.

The award winning, trail blazing electric trolley. Made better.

Please click here, give us your details and you’ll be the first to know when we release more news.

In the meantime, we’re clearing the decks in preparation. We have the iconic 2017 model GoKart available at a never to be repeated low price. Please click here to go to the shop.

The new GoKart RED-VIEW-03

30 responses to “The new gokart is coming

  1. Brilliant news. I hope you have addressed my only two complaints, which is 1) the high centre of gravity (meaning a slight upward bounce of the front wheel, tips the whole cart backwards and 2) somewhere on the trolley to house an umbrella (as golf bags always put the housing in a place that is awkward for trolleys). RRP?

  2. The front wheel design is still poor which clogs with mud during the winter. There needs to be greater space between the wheel and the surround otherwise supply a special tool to clean the mud away.

  3. Looks fantastic , might be tempted to go for 1 of these even though I’ve got the older model . Depends on price

  4. Bought my go kart from you a few years ago and still going strong. The new lithium battery is great!

  5. 2017 model is robust and elegant, but the new one looks even more so. Have already recommended to a couple of friends to grab 2017 model.
    Yes, the front wheel does trap some mud / grass around the axel.Wish this was improved.
    Cannot fault the service from Gokart.
    Hope the new one is reasonably priced.

  6. Have the old model..
    Push handle 36 hole lithium battery etcetc really great and still going strong but would upgrade if trade in available… Over to u!!

  7. I will be first time buyer but herd great things about your trolleys thanks for your time Peter

  8. I purchased one of your very first, maybe 13 or more years ago, four/five rounds a week and you guessed its STILL GOING STRONG, just amazing when many other makes have had a one way round to the tip ! If the next model is as reliable it will see me out. lol.

  9. Very pleasing on the eye , got to keep improving as the others are upping there game , but I’m a loyal go karter

  10. As a result of my exchange of e-mails with Rob and an in depth telephone call this morning with him I have just ordered the new improved Go Kart. This despite my ownership of perhaps the leading ( or must heavily marketed power golf trolley )
    The reasons for my decision to purchase a Go Kart ?
    Firstly the weight of my existing trolley, it’s poor design, cumbersome folding mechanism and large size when folded. The total weight with its lead acid battery and a full complement of clubs is,, I believe, far greater than it need be. The major influence though was the enthusiasm portrayed by Rib for the Company’s product, the product knowledge and the after sales service none if which I have exoerienced with other brands previously.
    I look forward eagerly to my first round with my new Go Kart and also since it is the automatic version with a lithium battery, to my new much lighter and neater assistant ! Many thanks once again Rob !!

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