Three months and counting. It’s Preparation Time!

The second of our instructional blogs from Steve Mitchell PGA – Head Professional at Etchinghill Golf Club (part of the Pentland Group). Kent County 1st Team Mens Coach, County Boys Coach, Kent ladies and Kent girls Coach. Coach to three touring Professionals and Ping Custom fit expert.

3 months until Easter and the golf season starts.
This is it.
This is the time to work on your game. When the sun comes out, the temperature rises and the waterproofs are banished to the car boot (well sometimes) you just want to be playing golf – your best golf.
So when should you work on your game? Surely the best time is now.
In the summer you don’t lose your ball plugged in the rough, you don’t get any mud balls, your perfect pitch doesn’t land in a puddle on the green and check up 20 feet short of the pin. Work on your game now and then enjoy your summer more.
A round of golf is 4 hours. Just sacrifice one match a month to work on your game? 4 hours a month is an hour a week. An hour a week can make a huge difference to your game.
As a teaching pro myself I see solid evidence of improvement in golfers who both practice and put time and effort into identifying the areas of their game they need to work on. We talked in the last blog piece about tracking the performance of different parts of your game as you play. So that’s the first step – know what you’re good at, and what you need to improve. And if you need a bit of guidance then this is a great time of the year to get some lessons. Locally I’m offering GoKart owners a special deal of 8 x 1/2 hour lessons for £99 to be taken in consecutive weeks before the end of March (this would normally cost £180). Drop me a line at Etchinghill Golf Club for more information. There are very limited spaces to this incredibly popular deal. Just quote ‘GoKart special’.

But if you’re not local (I’m in Kent) there’s still a way I can help you with your swing. I’m going to feature one GoKart owner’s swing each month and highlight some areas they can improve. Just get someone to take a phone video of your swing face on, and down the line, then send it to us via Dropbox (this is easy, we’ll give you instructions how).  We’ll choose one lucky victim each month and sort ‘em out. Obviously it’s not the same as a 1:1 lesson, but you’ll be surprised at how much difference even a small change can make.

Once you have your video filmed, send us a message on our contact form and we’ll let you know how to get it through to us.

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