Right, let’s sort Matt out…here’s his online lesson.

Thank you to Matt W for being bold and sending us a quick video of his swing for online analysis by our instructional knower of all swing-things Steve Mitchell.



“Down the line Matt looks pretty sound, he’s just a little shut at the top but this won’t be an issue. It’s the view from face on here that we have to look at.  The problems will come from that fact that he never loads his weight on the backswing onto his right foot. That is to say he remains very still when he brings the club back on the backswing, then transfers his weight too quickly onto left foot in the downswing. This is a massive power loss and can cause all types of mis-strikes, which I believe will be his major problem.

This is a common fault and I  believe it comes from people trying to keep their head still after advice that they “lifted their head during the swing” from their playing partners. Take a look at the photos below and notice how Tigers Head rotates to the right as he swings the club back- it doesn’t stay perfectly still enabling to “load” his weight correctly.

A simple drill to improve this is to get Matt to “feel” like he sways slightly onto his right foot on the backswing. This should give him more consistency with the strike as well as a bit more power– which is always nice!!”

If you want your swing given the once over, it’s easy – here’s how;
Using your phone/camera, just get a friend to film you hitting a couple of balls with a mid iron. Try and get two views – one from face on, making sure you capture the ball and the top of the backswing – and another standing behind you lined up with where you’re aiming (down the line). You can send us the video using a free data transfer service. Just send us a contact form saying that you want to send a swing video and we’ll tell you exactly how. And if you’re local, you can arrange individual lessons here, with some special Spring tuition packages available now.

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