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Meet Brian S from Leeds. Our first GoKart customer to take advantage of the video swing assessment offered by Steve Mitchell, GoKart’s instructional guru. Click on the YouTube film below, and then see Steve’s comments that follow. We’ll be hearing from Brian in the next month or so to hear how he’s progressing.
If you want your swing given the once over, it’s easy – here’s how;
Using your phone/camera, just get a friend to film you hitting a couple of balls with a mid iron. Try and get two views – one from face on, making sure you capture the ball and the top of the backswing – and another standing behind you lined up with where you’re aiming (down the line). You can send us the video using a free data transfer service. Just send us a contact form saying that you want to send a swing video and we’ll tell you exactly how.


Steve; “Your general swing is actually pretty good. You need to get steeper into the ball to get a more descending blow. This will obviously improve your strike as well as create a bit more clubhead speed. You can do this by making sure you get more weight onto your left side on the downswing into the ball.

More importantly this will help you get ahead of the club, which should get the club travelling more from the inside into the ball, therefore helping to stop the slice a bit.

As a practice drill try hitting balls from a downhill lie where your left foot is lower than your right. This will make sure your weight comes through onto the left foot.
I hope this helps- let me know how you get on!”

Steve Mitchell PGA is Head Professional at Etchinghill Golf Club (part of the Pentland Group). Kent County 1st Team Mens Coach, County Boys Coach, Kent ladies and Kent girls Coach. Coach to three touring Professionals and Ping Custom fit expert.

2 responses to “Fancy a free online lesson?

  1. Dear Steve

    I suffer from a fade-come-slice and play off 17 on a hilly course. Although your practice drill sounds really helpful, I have a damaged peroneal tendon in my left foot (I play right handed) and had my left knee cap removed many years ago.

    Accordingly I find downhill lies on the course extra difficult, usually with an inevitable slice. Do you have any tips for those shots as well as any practice drills that would help me to shift a little more weight onto my left leg?

    Many thanks in advance.

  2. Steve says;
    Try and feel like you swing down the slope – this will encourage your top half to lead your bottom half into a weight transfer. Try and feel like the clubhead is very close to the ground on the follow through. This will encourage a better angle of attack into the ball, recreating the angle of attack on a flat lie. Let me know if you need anything explained – you’ll soon get the feeling though!

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