Brian’s online lesson; how’s he getting on then?

Well it’s a week since Brian got his swing looked over by Steve Mitchell PGA, our instructional guru, and despite the snow he’s been out there honing the changes. Here’s how he’s getting on;

Session 1;  “The first few shots felt quite strange, with me trying to get my weight shifted more to the left on my downswing – I topped a few. Not very good at all! But after 6 or 7 more the ‘muscle memory’ began to kick in and I didn’t have to think so hard about the shift. I could just concentrate on watching the clubhead hit the ball…and…WOW! When it all came together it was great. The ball came off the club really nicely – flying straight with a much better (higher) trajectory than I’d been getting. And further.
I only used a seven iron, and I’d estimate that 40-50% of the shots I hit were an improvement on before. Some were all over the place but I’d expect that with a significant change. Much work to do still to get the weight shift committed to memory, so it’s not conscious – but first impressions are that it’s a real change for the better. Thanks Steve!”

Session 2; (which Brian notes was in minus 4.5C…now there’s dedication!)
“Another range session, with the ball flying higher and further than before and a distinct improvement in the quality of the hit 50% of the time, even in the cold. When I get the new weight shift right it’s like a proper golf shot. Another session tomorrow when I’ve thawed out!”

And the feedback from Steve;
“This is really encouraging. Brian’s already noticing a different flight to his shots so he’s definitely making the change. He’ll get more consistency with further practice sessions. Once his weight is moving effectively on a regular basis we can build on this with some attention to his backswing. But one thing at a time.”

If you want the chance for a free swing check up, ready for the spring just send us a message and we’ll tell you what to film and how to send it to us. It’s painless and really very easy. Like Brian you could soon be making some real changes for the better.

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  1. Thankyou for your exceptional customer service. I received my replacement battery ( under warranty ) this morning.

    I gave you the name of the person, who recommended Go Kart to me. He has received his £5 voucher. Do I receive a £5 credit in my account?


  2. Hi Brian – you’ll find that the next time you come shopping with us there’s £5 in your GoKart piggy bank to spend.

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