GoKart is open

We’re currently open for sales and service and GoKart advice. You can order or ask us questions online or by phone. If you want to visit our factory, you can but you can’t come in the building. Please call when you arrive and we’ll come out to meet you. We have less people working at… read more →

Roll on March 29

Oh well, now we know. Nothing we can do but furlough the leader (now there’s an idea….)

GoKart Servicing

Our service department getting up to date rapidly now. If you need any help with your GoKart, please contact us, and we can either arrange to send you parts, or get your trolley looked at in our factory.

Vousden on Patrick Reed

Thought of the DayYour problem isn’t the problem. Your reaction is the problem Oh dear, PatrickLast month, in my predictions for the year, I wrote, tongue stuck firmly in cheek: ‘Patrick Reed will continue to be voted the most popular player among his fellow tour pros and fans; taking over the mantle held for many… read more →

Christmas opening

We’re closed now for the Christmas and New Year holiday. We’ll be back at it from Monday 4th January.

Thank Heaven that’s nearly over

We will all remember 2020 but not for the happiest of reasons. Martin Vousden looks back on a year like no other and dishes out his annual awards About Bloody Time Award: European and PGA ToursBoth announced beefed up policies to deal with the ever-present menace of slow play. An immediate raft of fines and… read more →