A question.

A sleeve of our very best GoKart hole-in-one Titleists to anyone who can explain this drawing in under 30 words.

And it’s not a Mexican peeing in a bucket. This is;

GoKart mexican



23 responses to “A question.

  1. ok John that’s one theory. Note to anyone playing with John on Sunday morning – stand well clear….

  2. To play a draw line up feet with black line, hips/shoulders with green. For a fade just reverse.

  3. Golf is a very simple game: Pick your target, take aim, swing easy back, hit the ball and follow through. The perfect shot. I wish!

  4. Showing how to get the body and ball out of the way before the plane lands. Clubhead vector at impact is inversely proportional to plane vector at impact.

  5. To hit a golf ball on line with an iron it is important that the club face is at right angles to the target line and the low pint of the swing is lightly after impact.

  6. A good iron shot on line needs the club face square at impact and hitting down on the ball before the low point of the swing

  7. Has opened shoulders and will hit a fade with descending strike. Possibly playing from a bunker. (Shame can’t read the green font!)

  8. A diagram to help those who can remember & process more than 2 things at once……… not for the Senior Section….er!!! what was the question?

  9. The postage is included in the hedgehog price. have you ever tried wrapping a hedgehog? Dead tricky with the sellotape.

  10. Obviously the latest Gokart accessory. Having made moving clubs around the course very easy. New Gokart hits ball for you in the desired direction every time. Very clever guys.

  11. Diagram 1.
    Newtonian reflection principle of the angle of the dangle equaling the heat of the meat..

    Diagram 2.
    Quantum mechanics diagram of the attraction between the polominton and mintimperialon subatomic particles.

  12. I would like a single mitt to fit over the handle of my automatic Gokart trolley, any ideas?

  13. the lower diagram is not in fact a Mexican having a pee in a bucket, but is in fact a Mexican holding a frying pan ready to fry an egg !

  14. to acheive a club path at the target at impact the swing direction must be to the left (green line)left with a decending angle of attack(desired iron swing)

  15. Well Herve, we will check with our resident Guru (The Mexican) but it’s looking like you may have stuck this one close enough for a tap in.

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