Tom’s tales from the Tour.

Meet Tom Sherreard who’s going to be writing a regular column here on the GoKart blog.

“Hello fellow golfers, let me introduce myself. My name is Tom Sherreard and I am a professional golfer on the Alps tour. My journey to becoming a pro golfer has been a long and so far successful one, but I shall spare you most of the details and just highlight a few achievements for you. I represented England golf at 3 different age groups including captaining the U18s squad in 2005. I also played in the 2008 British Open at Royal Birkdale as an amateur finishing 19th.
As I mentioned I am currently playing on the Alps tour, this is one of four ‘satellite tours’. These tours are one level below the Challenge tour, with the top 5 golfers at the end of the year progressing to the Challenge tour, we are currently half way through the year and I am in 9th on the order of merit, with a very good and realistic chance of gaining a Challenge tour card for 2013 if I can carry on playing well. I will be writing a regular blog on the GoKart site to keep everyone updated with my progress and giving you tips on how to improve your game and bring down those scores. I will also answer any questions you guys can throw at me, so please feel free to send any questions to me on twitter at tsgolf63 (or post a comment below if you prefer). You can also keep track of my progress at . So get those questions coming in and happy golfing.”

Well we’re delighted to have Tom writing a regular piece for our blog. We know him from our local, Chart Hills, but to help other people get a better insight into what makes Mr. Sherreard tick, we’ve asked him a few probing questions for you…

1) Banana or Kitkat halfway round?
Kitkat, I normally need some comfort food at the turn

2) Favourite shot?
The stinger, I just enjoy the challenge of hitting the ball as low as possible

3) How many wedges and what are they?
4 wedges, 48, 52, 56, and 60 degree

4) Have you ever apologised to an opponent for a really good shot?
No, I’ve apologised for a couple of lucky ones, but never for a good shot; it’s what your’re supposed to do!!

5) If you could only play one course forever, where would it be?
St Andrews Old Course, it plays differently every time

6) Golfing hero (alive)?
Nick Faldo

7) Ditto (dead)?
Seve, he laid the foundation for so many European players

8)  What flavour crisps?
Thai sweet chilli

9) What shot (so far) will you always remember?
The putt on the last green in the 2008 Open

10) Have you got a song that gets you ready to play well?
Journey- “Don’t Stop Believing’ (I’ve genuinely no idea why)

11) Anything superstitious on the course?
Not on the course, but I’m not allowed to shave during a tournament (again, no idea why)

12) Ideal foursomes partner?
Luke Donald

13) Talk on the course or silent and deadly?
I never stop talking

14) Have you ever thrown a club and lost it (the club)?
Yes, the less said the better.

15) Lowest round so far? tell all (well some)
-7 in tournament play, had 24 putts and went from 30th to 3rd. Ive had -11 in casual play but was only meant to play 9 and went out in 29 so I kept going, so not sure this one counts…

16) What’s the most number of birdies you’ve had back to back?

17) You’re stranded on a desert island. What one thing do you take?
A lifetime supply of chocolate

18) Favourite quote?
Fail to prepare and prepare to fail!!

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