What do these towns have in common?

Athens, Bucharest, Cologne, Denver, Essen, Folkestone, Geneva, Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh City, Irvine, Jaipur, Kettering, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Nantwich, Oslo, Phuket, Quebec, Riga, St Petersburg,Tel Aviv, Uttoxeter, Vienna, Waterloo, Yonkers, Zagazig? (yes this is a place! It’s not just a case of random Spice Girls lyric tourettes)

Well there are people playing the GoKart Christmas Puzzle in all those places, so as usual we’ve rather gone global and we’re running out of map pins. Come and join us here  You’ve got the whole of Christmas to enter the two competitions; one for a GoKart lithium and one for the lead acid version, with prizes worth £800.

GoKart Electric golf trolley

One response to “What do these towns have in common?

  1. running out of pins? ….I have an idea
    1.ask all the demented folk, such as I, who are doing the puzzle
    to donate to you a pin each -preferably with their home town name scratched on it.
    2. then stick them all in the largest board you can lay your hands on,
    and submit it to the 2014 Turner Prize!
    When it wins, (as it would certainly do), what a fillip it would be to see the expressions on the faces of all those self-righteous “artists” who usually enter that pointless comp!
    (written whilst in my best Victor Meldrew mood)

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