Update on the new GoKart

Announced the end of May, our new baby was scheduled to make its appearance mid June. A few last minute complications have delayed us. Nothing serious; just little Precious indulging in a bit of attention seeking to be honest.

We seem to be there now. Full details of all the changes are due to be published on our website by the end of next week. It’ll be in the shop at the same time, with deliveries starting the week after. Apologies for the false start. In the meantime, here’s a little snap hot off the camera.

The new GoKart

One response to “Update on the new GoKart

  1. Happy with my auto Mk1 kart, but would love the new one, but at £ 300+ it’s pricey. How about accepting my old one as part-exchange, (minus my lithium battery), or perhaps something off the new one? I’m sure there are disadvantaged people/deserving charities etc. out there you could gift it to in the spirit of CSR, and get valuable recognition to further your marketing/advertising strategies?

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