The true history of golf. Really.

Was it the Scots? Or the Dutch? Nope, it all kicked off a heck of a lot earlier than everyone imagines. And here’s the evidence. A brand new old series of cartoons from the legend that is Geoff Waterhouse. We’ll be sending a new one out to you every couple of weeks.

Club Golfer

10 responses to “The true history of golf. Really.


    It was not a Scottish Man who invented the Golf.

    It was a Scottish Woman …………………

    ……….. to get her own back !.

  2. nice to hear from you, thinking of wheels ever thought of supplying fit over Hedgehog tyres? to help when on those courses that tend to be a little muddy and when straying into the rough?

  3. Great cartoon, If it had wheels dont you fancy it would look very much like our GOKART, well mine anyway Heeeeeeeeee

  4. I hope they dont introduce a 14 club rule. This things hard enough to drag as it is.

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