How to use other batteries with a GoKart

We’ve always made a big do about how you can use other makes of battery with a GoKart. Lots of people have golf trolley batteries kicking around the garage, and it’s far better to use it on a trolley than as a door stop. Whether you buy a GoKart without our battery, or get a complete GoKart set and use your old battery alongside ours, it doesn’t matter. It means a big heavy lump of the Earth’s innards doesn’t get wasted.

Not all golf trolley batteries will work with the GoKart, but two of the most popular sizes will, so we’ve put a page on our site to help you see if yours is any good. Click here for all the info, but if you need more help just shout.

GoKart Electric Trolley Battery

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  1. … we’ve put a page on our site to help you see if your’s is any good….

    Yours does not take an apostrophe !

  2. Is it ok to hose down my gokart after a weeks golf.Will I damage any of the working parts
    I recently bought a gokart,great.Just one problem there is not enough holes for golf tees,I had to drill extra holes

  3. I bought another 18 hole battery which is exactly the same size as the original 18 hole battery. Which kit do I need to fit it?

  4. You want the Type one battery fitting kit – you just need to choose what colour. Some people find it easier to have one battery cover in the feature colour, and the other on in black. That way you can easily tell them apart…

  5. I have a 12V 17Ah battery which appears to have the correct size dimensions to fit the gokart> I’m trying to see on the website how the electrics fit with the battery. At the moment my current HillBilly has the red and black joint lead and charger, i presume this is all ok to use with gokart as long as you buy the additional gokart top fitting for the battery?

  6. Andy, from what you say, that battery will be absolutely fine. Generally Hillbilly batteries are fine for our battery fitting kit.

  7. I have a battery I can use with the Gocart . Having read the instructions for wiring this battery up for use with the Gocart , I have this question. One has to remove the existing connections to the battery terminals . After installation , how does one recharge the battery ? What is the connecting pin ? Does one have to refit the old connectors to the terminals? I am confused !

  8. Chris,
    You don’t have to refit the old connectors to your battery. Once removed, these should be discarded and will be replaced on the battery with the new connectors that are supplied with our battery fitting kit. Your charger will connect to our new connectors. If you don’t have a charger with the correct connector to match ours, we’ll send you an adaptor free of charge. As long as your battery is the correct size to fit into the GoKart, it’ll all work fine. We’re not sure what a connector pin is either though. Where does it say that?

  9. Could you give me some idea of the life of the 18 hole battery? I’ve had my current one about 2 years, having had problems with two earlier ones (problems which were resolved very quickly by the way) I only use the trolley once a week on average and keep it on trickle charge between. The battery seems to struggle after 15 holes on a fairly flat course even on full power and by the 18th I am providing most of the power. THIS IS NOT A COMPLAINT – just a genuine enquiry as to whether it is breathing its last after a normal period of time and its time to get a new one.

  10. Hi Tony. Battery life does vary, we wish we could be completely precise about the number of cycles you can expect to get out of one but there are so many variables involved that’s impossible. Typically that’s how a ‘tired’ battery would react, gradually weakening earlier in the round and two years is round about what you might expect.

  11. Good afternoon, one of my fellow members at Turnhouse Golf Club in Edinburgh constantly sings the praises of your Go Kart, i am interested in purchasing one soon but tell me having recently purchased a Wilson Staff Elite carry /stand bag would the Go Kart accomodate it saving me the need to buy a new bag? Please also remind me of the colour options available, many thanks .

  12. Generally stand bags are fine on the trolley, although there are models were you have to position it in such a way as to avoid deploying the stand. Of course, if you bought a GoKart and it wasn’t 100% right for you we’d always collect and refund. Even if you use the trolley for a whole month.
    The trolley colours available are; all black, black/orange,black/red,black/blue, black/green and black/pink. We have matching bags, but not all the colours are available at the moment, some are out of stock. If you find you would prefer a different bag at some point, ours is very reasonably priced (£69) and does look very smart on the GoKart, a perfect combination.

  13. How wide is the wheelbase? This affects stability, and I’m interesteed to know how wide the gohart is by compariosn to other trolleys

  14. Hi Chris, the distance between the wheels is 580mm – you can see all the dimensions/weights on this website page
    Stability is actual very good with the GoKart, we tested it comparatively with all the other major brands on severe sideslopes and it performs excellently. As with all trolleys, there are some conditions where you have to park carefully or hold onto the handle, but you’ll find the GoKart handles really well on the hilliest of courses.

  15. We unfortunately purchased a Trooper trolley just before they folded & now have a scrap trolley!! Our problem not yours BUT we would like to use the batteries in a new Go Kart

    1. Battery 1 is an 18 hole, its 18 x 7 16.7 cms – top of connectors is within the height of the battery 12v 22aH operates at 14.5 – 15 V – this is what it says on the battery

    2. Battery 2 16.5 x 12.25 x 17 top of connectors are with the overall height of the battery 12v 26 aH

    Will they fit a Go Kart? – or would we need 2 “connectivity sets”?

  16. Hi Jeff,
    Both of your batteries can be used with the GoKart. You’ll need one of each of our battery fitting kits. Please let us know if you need more info

  17. You have a well designed trolley and I would like to buy and your excellence of back up support has been told to me by two friends who own GoKarts. However lithium batteries have to be the future. How long before we see your GoKart powered by lithium?

    Alan Bleathman

  18. Hi Alan, the good news is we can supply you with lithium now. We agree, they’re great to use. You’ll see them as an option on the webshop.

  19. Hi
    Love my Go Kart by the way !!!
    Have you guys thought of putting a GPS charge socket onto the Kart, and a holder.

  20. Hi David – we can supply the lithium now, but we are out of stock at the moment. We’ll let you know when we have them available again – should only be a week or so.

  21. In your replies to questions you say that the Lithium battery is an option on the Webshop but I can not find it.

  22. We can supply lithium but we are out of stock for a week or so; we’ve made a note to contact you when we have them again in about a week. We’re sorry for the wait!

  23. just purchased auto model. ordered 2 x 18 hole batterys. how best to keep optimum charge in both. play at least once aweek. ? thanks

  24. Best to use the two batteries in rotation. Charge each one after you use it, so that it is left uncharged for the minimum amount of time.

  25. Our lead acid battery is guaranteed for one year, and the lithium battery is guaranteed for two years.

  26. I have a Powercaddy Classic with appropriate T hammer connection
    Could this be used with your kit.

  27. Mr Roycroft, you can use other makes of battery with the GoKart, as long as they’re the right size. To use a Powakaddy battery, you will need to remove their Tee bar connector though. Please see this page for all the details on using other batteries.

  28. Trev, it would be possible to rig your Little Miracle (that’s what we called our first born), but it would need a bit of packing and duck tape to hold it in our battery cover. So you might need a little miracle to make it look pretty. The battery cover is what locks the frame of the GoKart, so it has to be fitted to use the trolley. Please call us on 01227 712288 if you need more detailed advice.

  29. I have a few golf trollies and batteries but my main trolley is my GO-KART Ialso have 3 go-kart battery holders version 1 and2 to use my go -kart batteries on my powerkaddy I have made a lead with a turnberry connection to fit my GO-KART BATTERY and the other end to the female T bar connection removed from my other batteries this allows me to use any combination of battery and trolley works a treat very pleased with the results and very easy to make

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