How to fit a GoKart battery

A quick reminder about fitting the battery into your GoKart. It’s a feature of the GoKart’s design; the battery becomes part of the frame and it’s one of the things that makes the GoKart so quick and easy to use. But you can’t drop the battery in any-old-how – it’s important that it’s really in place.

The way to check is by looking at the side flaps on the battery case when they’re positioned on the trolley. If you don’t make sure the locking flaps are clipped under the frame, your GoKart will be a bit like the England football team; hit and miss.

If the battery doesn’t drop in far enough for the flaps to easily clip under immediately, please don’t try the brute force method; just lift the battery slightly and wriggle it a bit.

Along with forgetting to put the battery back on charge ASAP, this is really the only thing you can get wrong.

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  1. You gave me some great advice regarding fitting a battery when new.

    I was having difficulty locking the flaps under the frame and so you suggested I tipped the trolley on it’s handle and then tried. This made locking the flaps so much easier, although not sure why. Now that the trolley is a little older, the flaps lock easily.

    You should use this tip somewhere on your website as it really did make a difference and saved me from a) damaging the connections on the trolley, and b) hurting my back from standing at an awkward position, trying to get the battery to fit.

  2. Its also necessary to make sure the battery and bags straps are well out of the way -they’re crafty things and try to catch you out as its sometimes difficult to see what’s happened. Otherwise chewed straps and no battery connection result and frustration sets in.

  3. Hi George,
    You don’t need to buy the battery fitting kit when you buy a new trolley. It’s only required if you already have a battery thay you’d like to convert for use on the GoKart. Please click here for more info on using other batteries with the GoKart.

  4. Hi Wully (Wully?) I’m sorry, you won’t find a transit bag in the box unless you ordered one. We can send you one sharpish. They cost (a very reasonable) £19 plus £4 postage.

  5. I know you advise using batteries alternately but to my simple mind that would suggest that one is faced with buying two batteries at the same time every time they wear out – any comment?

  6. Dave,
    If you need two batteries, the chances of both wearing out simultaneously are quite slim. Service life can vary considerably between batteries, even given similar use. The other option is to just have one battery at a time, although if you play 36 holes a day regularly two is the best solution.

  7. I recently needed a repair to my kart due to accidental damage,and I was very impressed by the response.I contacted GO KART on the day that the damage was done ,and the kart was colleted two days later ,with a spare kart supplied for my use,whilst my kart was being repaired.There was a bonus too:it was repaired under guarantee ,and I only paid the carriage fee of £28.

    Many Thanks GO KART!

  8. After my round on Sunday, I found that the connection to the battery had broken slightly and I could not attach the charger. Phoned GO-Kart at 2pm on Monday. A very helpful gentleman knew what I was on about and promised to send a part which would sort my problem. It arrived at 9.45am on Tuesday. The Go-Kart itself is a marvellous piece of machinery. The service from the manufacturer matches the product. Thank you very much

  9. Just couldn’t agree with Jim Thompson more. Had a small issue with one of the battery connections (on the battery itself) & rang direct. Spoke to a wonderful lady on the phone who was TOP BANANA
    She is sending out a replacement battery holder in the post straight away
    WOW, now thats what you call customer service

    Thanks again GO-KART
    Cant see me ever getting any other make of trolley in the future ( thats if this one ever die’s on my. Doubt it somehow !!! )

    BIG THANKS again

  10. When fitting the battery I have found that tilting the trolley so that the handle is down on the ground enables you to see clearly the the guidence pegs slid home neatly and that the whole thing is in line correctly. Since doing this have had no trouble and the clips engage first time, every time.
    My Go kart is def one of my best buys. Just can’t wait for the hedgehogs tho as my course has just started restricting normal wheeled trolleys on frosty mornings.


  12. One more thing, the battery connection clips illustratced in your photos are showing signs of fatigue. Where they ‘bend’ to clip over the frame (near to the bottom of the tick in the picture). I assume that they will not fail prematurely but the bright green has been discoloured by the regular stressing to clip over the frame and has become yellowed in a ‘;fault line’. Am I playing too much golf?

  13. Tony,
    The mark you refer to in the photo is just a trick of the light. There’s not a stress mark in the moulding. In use, if these flaps are bent back on themselves, it can leave a discoloured mark in the plastic. Sometimes this can happen in the boot, or if the battery is lifted out of the trolley using the flaps, This is nothing to worry about, apart from cosmetically. It takes an awful lot of abuse to weaken the material. You have our permission to continue playing just as much golf as usual.

  14. Evreything is fine with my kart and bag so thank you. I’ve been using it quite a bit, twice a week pretty much since I bought it in May 2009. I am wondering about battery life and any essential maintenance that i should do during the winter. I have always recharged the battery as per your recommendations, but how will I know if it needs replacing? I would hope it does not just die on me half way up a hill!
    Can a voltmeter tester tell me anything? what it the typical life time and do you offer any replacement deals?

    many thanks


  15. Hi Laki, glad to hear you’re enjoying using the trolley. Battery life can vary quite a bit – but when the battery is coming to the end of its useful life you’ll notice a gradual deterioration in its performance. Where it used to romp up the eighteenth you’d find it’d have a little less power, and then you’d notice it tiring on the 17th and so on. It won’t just ‘give out’. Our replacement batteries are very competitively priced at £45, but it is possible to source them yourself if you’d rather, we give the specifications on the website

  16. Hi, on my recommendation my mate has bought a GoKart. Mine is blue,his is red. Are they suitable for a breeding pair? If so,will the offspring be purple?
    My GoKart is brill,by the way, and gets commented on regularly,all favourable comments,too.
    Ray Roche

  17. Ray, if we see purple GoKarts in your neck of the woods we’ll know exactly what’s been happening…

  18. Much easier to fit battery with handle on the ground as you are able to see location pins. I found it difficult before I discovered this method.

  19. Hi George, we think once you’ve assembled it a few times you’ll find it becomes easy, but this method might be useful for you at first when you’re getting to know what goes where…

  20. I am intrigued by the little bulls eye on the casing just below the battery. Is this an indicator for low battery power or just for decoration?

  21. We’d love to be able to say that it’s a button you push that removes all bunkers and water hazards in your way, and it also rotates (like that snakes eyes in ‘Jungle Book’) and hypnotises you so that you swing like Luke Donald. But sadly it’s just a logo sticker.

  22. Had a couple of reasons to contact GoKart and wouldn’t it be nice if every company operated in the same nice and efficient way. Great trolley

  23. I cannot fault their service, first class. Emailed an order Sunday, received a call Monday to clear up queries I had raised, delivered by UPS Tuesday, who emailed me to give me the hour it would be delivered. Unfortunately the trolly broke down after about two weeks, but again, phoned Friday, collected Tuesday with a replacement trolly to use whilst mine was being repaired. This highlighted a small issue that I think could be easily rectified. When you need to use it as a manual push trolly, you can’t take out the very heavy battery as the trolly then collapses. On a hilly course, as happened to me, this was tedious. One extra clip in the right place would overcome this. Otherwise love the trolly, love the service and have recommended it to all my golfing buddies.

  24. Medical problems have resulted in me not using my Gokart since Christmas. The battery has not been on charge all this time. Can I simply plug it in and charge when I am ready to play?

  25. To keep the battery in good condition you need to keep it fully charged. So carry out an overnight top up charge every month or so. So we’d suggest you get in on charge now and not wait longer. We hope you’re back on the course very soon!

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