GoKart. Now in a Pro shop near you.

Ever since we launched in 2007 we’ve had Pros wanting to sell the GoKart in their shops.  Now we’ve reached a point where we can offer them a trade price, so we’re delighted to be going ahead and selling through pro shops too, kicking off this month.

We’re advertising in the trade press, but in case your Pro hasn’t heard you might like to have a word. They can phone us on the usual GoKart number or email us on trade@gokart.co.uk  There’s a special offer for the first pros to order so you may well make yourself very popular…

GoKart electric golf trolley

3 responses to “GoKart. Now in a Pro shop near you.

  1. If GoKart have sufficient margin in the product to offer a ‘trade’ price to pro shops; but still keep the retail price the same on-line, there will be no incentive for customers to buy direct from the company. I think this may be a marketing error unless GoKart are confident of breaking into the traditional bricks & mortar retail environment and intend to cease online trading entirely, otherwise it will be vital to set a price/offer deal that makes an online/telephone purchase attractive to retain that trading opportunity.

    This business advice is offered free and without prejudice, my normal consultancy fee would be approximately £300, however if GoKart wish to send me a new trolley on permanent loan by way of gratitude I shall be pleased to accept :-)

  2. Will your excellent after sales service be affected once you start selling Gokart trolleys in Pro-shops? I do hope not as your customer service is second to none!

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