Come and play! We’ll see you on the tee…

Get yourself ready for another round of mayhem and madness.  The 2011 GoKart Christmas Puzzle tees off on Christmas Day. You’re welcome to join us and play – apart from anything it’s a damn good way of getting out of the washing up. This year it takes place at the GoKart Golf Course; 18 holes of torment, shifting bunkers and leprechauns lurking in the semi.

Once again it’s been put together by puzzle supremo, Joe Davies – with help from Geoff Waterhouse on the illustration front. And again there’s the chance of winning a GoKart when you make it through to the 18th. And to help you get you through the round we’ve a forum where you can get hints when you’re a bit stuck.

We say it’s the only course you can turn up on Christmas morning in your pyjamas and be guaranteed a sub par round, with the perfect bacon buttie at the halfway house and birdies liberally spinkled around ready to be grabbed.  We’ll see you there.

The link to the puzzle will go live on Christmas Day, with the forum starting Boxing Day when the GoKart forum greenkeepers will be ready for action!


One response to “Come and play! We’ll see you on the tee…

  1. We are now in February 2012. The 2011 puzzle closing date was January 31st.
    Who won the lovely GoKart?
    Are we going to have an analysis of the clues/answers?

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