Bill’s Open blog. Signing off

Literally as our final shift started the heavens opened and we got absolutely soaked.

One of the ladies on our team celebrated her 20th birthday today. We did not see any cakes!!!

There is an end of term feeling amongst not only the team but all of the ancillary staff who have been operating behind the scenes who we have come across during the week.

I am queue jumped by one of the team so that he can take Robert Rock to the range. This turned out to be error of the week as next up is Rory McIlroy and into my buggy he jumps.

We chat about his US Open win, the weather and the great feeling of satisfaction he gets from the crowds who support him.

Even at my age I feel strangely excited at meeting such a successful sportsman who has no side whatsoever.

What a great view we had of Miguel Angel Jimenez performing his stretching exercises – the more he stretched he more the crowd roared

The time has flown and we have enjoyed the camaraderie an event like this generates. We all say our goodbyes and promise to meet up next year at Lytham and St Annes.

If you get the chance to work at a golf tournament seize it with both hands. You work with some great people. You may even get to meet some of the World’s great golfers if you are lucky enough to work inside the ropes – and that is something you can’t buy at any price.

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