Big thumbs up for our courier.

We get lots of lovely feedback about the service we give our customers. Some of the credit has to go to our courier company – DPD – who have just received ‘best parcel delivery company of the year’ award. Not only are they efficient, deliver and collect EXACTLY when they say they will (often to the minute), are supremely trackable…but when we aren’t quite ready for the driver to load up in the afternoon he makes us all a cup of tea. They get a big thumbs up from us too.

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  1. Just want to give a big thumbs up to the courier who delivered my new ookart earlier today, in red (had to be there’s no other colour being Welsh) Email said between 14:34-15:34 and he turned up at 14:42. A lot of companies could learn from DPD on how to give a great service

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