Anyone play in the rain yesterday?

On with those waterproofs, we say.  What’s a bit of wet?  So if you were feeling a bit self-satisfied having ducked and draked it around your local yesterday – just calm that  smugness down a bit.  GoKart owner Steve Ackling played 90, yes 90 holes in it all.  And that’s just the beginning…

Steve is Captain at Charnwood Forest where Harry Flude, a Charnwood member, managed to play 150 holes in 14 hours in 1913.  So for Steve’s Captain’s charity this year he’s going to recreate Flude’s blister inducing day.  Well with the aid of his trusty GoKart, of course.

According to records; “Remarkably, Flude’s speed did not impact his scoring with 51 pars and nine birdies recorded with an average of gross 46 for each round of nine holes.”

Steve did send us a photo proving that he was still fit after 90, but strangely he didn’t say anything about his score….

Quick update – we’ve been reliably informed that yesterday Mr. A managed 36 pars and his average score for each 9 was 41 (1 over his h/cap). Not bad, not bad at all…

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  1. I caddied for Steve for the last 18 of his 90 holes – in the rain – believe me it was miserable and I could not believe how well he was playing. The GoKart is definitely helping and I know I’m biased but come on guys this is AMAZING!! Good luck on 1st June Steve!

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