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  1. What Tiger Woods does in his private life is up to him as long as it does not harm other people or the sport of golf and it still wont change the fact he is the greatest golfer the world has ever seen

  2. Having walked all the way to the Course and forgotten his shoes, surely this is ‘cold comfort’????
    Did anyone notice his club selection?………..3 putters!

  3. Andy Dunstan what are you thinking?. Tiger Woods greatest golfer the world has ever seen!. What world are you in. You can’t put him in the same bracket as Palmer & Niklaus. Even if he does equal Nicklaus major haul then his behaviour off AND on the course leaves a lot to be desired.i.e spitting, club throwing etc etc. Not forgetting he has had better equipment than these guys. So he will never match Nicklaus and be the best golfer the world has ever seen.

  4. I think mr woods has gone down in many peoples esteem as we all thought he was a clean living loyal gent, so to descover he is the same as all men in positions of power and money, they cant say no to sex when its on offer is desappointing, but come on,what happens now in his private life is up to him and his mrs.
    Mr Gardiner, you cant say that a man of todays breed of golfers has more an advantage than the previous generation, because every generation has had a technical advantage over the previous lot.

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