Well that’s cheered up a couple of people…we have two winners!

Our Christmas puzzle has once again caused a bit of a stir…we’ve been cheered, sworn at, had mince pies thrown at the computer screen and been blamed for lack of sleep and over indulgence of mulled inspiration. So job done we reckon.

And our winners are very happy bunnies (note the Easter theme already). The top prize was a lithium trolley set for the main puzzle, and a lead acid set for the winner of the hidden Santa competition. We’ve let them know, so if you haven’t heard  from us yet, we’re very sorry it’s not you. So, Allan W. from Llandudno and Chris O. from Solihull, well done you clever, twisted minded people – once you let us know what colour you fancy your GoKarts will be on their way.

Special mention should go to one GoKart owner who instructed us, in the event of him winning, we shouldn’t ship the trolley, but make a donation to a suitable charity.  Well he didn’t win but we trust that he’ll get some nice karma from that…

Winner of the most obscure answer was Mal Lace, who deduced that the hidden Santa was Mariah Carey.  Don’t ask. It’s just wrong. He did explain and his logic is some of the strangest we’ve come across in the five years we’ve done the puzzle.  We like that. He’s going to get an Easter egg as soon as we can find one.

“What a great and fiendish puzzle. You made our Christmas.” “Great quiz. Tough as usual”. “Now I can concentrate on Christmas”.”Fun for the whole family and the subject of much discussion and swearing”. “Cripes I’ll need a wig if next year’s is as tough”. “I am sort of sad it’s over”.”Totally exasperating, I hate you”.

With massive thanks to Joe Davies (Creo) who once again put the puzzle together for us. Creo’s other puzzles are on his own site – Riddlex.

The puzzle is still live and can be accessed here, no prizes now, just for masochistic pleasure.


2 responses to “Well that’s cheered up a couple of people…we have two winners!

  1. This is Allan W from Llandudno – and I’d like to thank GoKart for a wonderful surprise phone call this afternoon!

    To say I’m delighted to be selected as this years winner of this amazing prize would be an understatement… (and within 24 hours of my birthday too!)

    I only took up golf last year here in North Wales at the Maesdu GC (Llandudno) and my handicap is being over age 50 – so the ‘muscle’ part of this trolley is certainly something I’m going to appreciate – as a complete novice I do tend to cover more miles than most… (I definitely get value for money from my green fees having visited parts of the course that even the greenkeepers rarely see!) I just hope the ‘brains’ part helps too!

    I found your wonderfully fiendish quiz (which I loved btw) while looking for a golf trolley, but never for a minute thought I’d be so lucky as to actually own this exceptional bit of kit!

    So, once again thank you for picking me as your winner – you’ve allowed me to join the most exclusive golf club I know – the ‘happy’ golfer club!

    Good luck to all at Go Kart for 2014!


  2. Well done also to my Mum Chris O. on winning the hidden Santa prize – I reckon she’s pleased I reminded her to get her entry in just before the deadline!

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