Quizmas. You’ve got til Monday…

With two GoKarts up for grabs we’ve had record entries for the 2013 GoKart Christmas puzzle, with it spreading rapidly all over the world once again. The competition doesn’t close til midnight on Monday 6th, so you still have a chance to pit your wits. And when wit pitting there are some clues you can refer to on the blog to make the whole process a bit, well, less pitty. We’re now back after the Christmas break so if you’re really really stuck you can email us and get a pretty quick nudge. We just don’t like to think of you suffering. This year we’ve been called ‘brilliant’ ‘bonkers’ and ‘absolute B******s’. Mostly we just wanted to give you a bit of fun. It seems to have worked…Here’s a taster. The idea here is to find the missing letters and then rearrange them. And you’ll find the whole puzzle here



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