On with the reindeer jumpers, break out the pine scented pot pourri (is it really meant to smell of dettol?) and put Slade on auto repeat. We all need to get in the mood. But how? Sainsburys have had mince pies on the shelves since August, you’ve only just thrown away last year’s Radio Times and the Christmas decorations never did make it back into the loft…

Enough of the Bah Humbug, let’s all embrace the utter festiveness of it with a frenzy of cranial constipation. Or, to put it in a slightly less graphic way, let’s do the GoKart Puzzle shall we?

This year there are two prizes up for grabs, a posh lithium GoKart worth £500 and one with a lead acid battery (equally posh but a bit heavier) worth £300. This year’s quiz takes the form of a crossword puzzle; the clues are a mixture of logic, maths, and lateral thinking. It’s not about golf so the whole family can get stuck in.
We’ll be offering some clues on the blog here, so keep a look out. But today you’re on your own. You can tackle the clues in any order. You’ve got the whole of the Christmas to sort it, with the draw for the winners happening on 6th January 2014.

We apologise now and take absolutely no responsibility for acrimonious divorces, temper tantrums and loss of sleep as a result. Good luck, and may the pixies of Christmas wisdom sprinkle you with their insight, intuition and when all else fails, the GoKart blog. Here’s the 2013 GoKart Christmas Puzzle!


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