We know  the answers to all sorts of things; the Meaning of Life and Everything, even how to make scotch eggs…so we can, at a pinch, give you a hand solving some of the puzzle answers.  You can tell us if you’re struggling with a particular clue and we’ll sprinkle some of our infinite wisdom on you. Just let us know what number.


34 responses to “Clueless?

  1. First picture is a still from a film, and it’s a fine shrubbery there don’t you think? And as for not recognising the third picture…Les, we’re shocked!

  2. Clever puzzle, it’s got me hooked. Have solved 7 maybe 8 of them. Still missing one Santa. Any clues on no.9?

  3. You’ll get that last Santa, that’s not a clue, you just will if you look around enough on all the pages. As for number 3; it’s not maths but an entirely different subject.

  4. You have nine letters around something, and nine numbers too. I suppose a degree of spacial awareness helps.

  5. Try to make some sense of the words. Get the anagram of a couple of them and you’ll get a theme…getting anagrams for the shortest words to begin with maybe. Just drop in a letter instead of the smiley. Makes it a bit longer to do than standard anagrams but use an internet anagram tool to make it easier.

  6. OK, so I think I’ve got all the crossword answers, and found all the Santas (and even worked out his name). I’m playing with my Scrabble tiles trying to figure out the 5 word phrase from the letters in the shaded square – can you give me any clues? I can get @@@@ and @@@@@@@ (removed as spoilers) out of the letters – are either or both of those words in the phrase?!

  7. Sue – Love the idea of the scrabble tiles – genius! – when you say the ‘shaded’ squares, are you working from a black and white print. Creo has a keen eye for colour you know.

  8. I’ve got 20 letters, but 5 words is hard. Any chance of a clue on the phrase?
    Great puzzles by the way!

  9. I’ve got all the words but am finding the 5 word phrase difficult to unscramble. any clues? Is it golf related or relating to the bonus word by any chance?

  10. There’s a previous clue to number 6, have you looked at that?
    4 – the answer is closer than you think. Look around you now.

  11. Ooh – I think I know HOW to crack it now – and will get onto it as soon as I’m back from the school run! (There’s dedication for you, logging on before school run!)

  12. Clues 4 & 9 are driving me bonkers. Got all the others and worked out the system for the phrase, but do need these two to finally get and check my results

  13. See the note to Aubrey re. 4 – the solution is very much at hand.
    As for 9 – it’s really hard to give you any trace of direction without giving the game away. Which would be pointless really.

  14. Those colours in the background are a bit much first thing in the morning, don’t you think? I blame Creo.

  15. So you have five letters/numbers/symbols from the five Santas that you’ve found….should be relatively easy. Ooooooh that’s a big clue.

  16. My brain hurts so take pity on me… 4 , 8 & 9

    Have been struggling with three remaining clues for over a week now and am despondent.

    The published comments have fallen on dead brain cells, I have counted popcorn, scoured IMDB databases,squinted at compass points etc & so forth.
    Give me a firm nod as not good at subtle.
    Cheers Helen

  17. ok….
    4. I’m guessing your not working with pen and paper. The KEY to this one is right at your fingertips.
    8. say their names out loud.
    9. hard to be subtle with this one and don’t want to give it to you completely. Well at least point you in the right direction. It’s nothing to do with a compass but it is directional, almost like instructions.

  18. hi Sandy,
    we only started this years puzzle today, so will really be up a against it!

    Q12 – (20 letters?) I have a couple of phrases the fit, but my ife is a crossword buff, and insists ‘spaces’ are not allowed.
    so am I looking for a 20 letter word instead?
    is Creo getting even more creative as he gets older, or getting more Scrooge-like in character?
    a Happy Christmas to everyone.
    Kevin Browne

  19. Well, done it! I reckon you are all sadists up there to perplex us poor souls, especially us poor old country bumpkins down here in the west country!
    however well done and again, thanks for making Christmas bearable again!
    This quiz makes golf easy!

  20. racking my brains over 2 … BB is middle photo ? norse/Viking ? edge
    and 9 … begins P ends D
    please help !!!
    i’ll even offer a ride on my trolley when I win !
    thanks .

  21. bl**dy heck … up all night .
    not good at my age !
    just solved by working slightly in reverse & screwing in all the light bulbs in order !
    ” letters pray ” for the winning entry !

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