Branden. Random? or a force to reckon with? Martin V considers.

Thought for the Day He who laughs last thinks slowest With the Grace of God At what was once regarded as the tender age of 23, Branden Grace has started his professional golf career with the results: Tied 14th, won, won – which surpasses even the explosive entry of Tiger Woods into the paid ranks.… read more →

Calling all Wessex golfers!

Well to be specific (because we weren’t quite sure where Wessex is exactly, so we checked…) – Devon, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Somerset, Dorset and Hants.  Take a look at the schedule for the Wessex Amateur Golf Tour. Started by GoKart owner Dave Thomas, the tour visits nine impressive venues from March to October; with a separate… read more →

GoKart halts production at Jaguar Landrover

Oooooops! “Your Christmas puzzle has cost Mr Tata thousands. Once the lads on the shop floor knew about it, word spread like wildfire. With operators running in and out “try such and such for hole 5, 6 ,15″ etc – it was never ending. And as for hole 9? Well there must have been about 10 of… read more →

Martin Vousden’s crystal ball for 2012

Thought for the Day If your parents didn’t have any children, the chances are that you won’t either Early skirmishes Those of you old enough to remember (and that’s a fast dwindling group) or, more likely, with some knowledge of 20th century history, will know that in the first six months after we opened hostilities… read more →